Client journey

The stages below show the normal sequence we follow to understand your personal circumstance, gather information and provide applicable services.

Stage 1 - Start my journey

  • Your information and asset details gathered
  • Customer Privacy Notice, Terms of Business and ID collected
  • Estate Planning Report/recommendation sent


Stage 2 - Initial application

  • Will, Trust and Power of Attorney wishes gathered
  • Fee agreement & payment arranged
  • Disclaimer sent & signed


Stage 3 - Document drafting

  • Draft summary sent and confirmed by client
  • Documents produced and checked by our team
  • Signing meeting arranged

Stage 4 - Document signing

  • Documents signed by client
  • Documents provided to any other parties for signature

Stage 5 - Document validation

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (if applicable) registration sent to Court
  • Property Planning (if applicable) sent to Land Registry
  • Wills and Trusts scanned and saved
  • Storage option selected

Stage 6 - Document completion

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (if applicable) received from Court
  • Property Planning (if applicable) received from Land Registry
  • Storage or non-storage finalised


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